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  • Apr 2024
    The wow factor is still with me. I enjoy showing friends the features of the i3 and the driving experience. This is a feature rich car and I am still learning all of them. I am generally pleased with my buying experience and with my purchase.
    —Godfrey D - 2017 BMW i3 94ah Range Extender
  • Mar 2024
    All I can say is it’s brilliant! It’s so cheap to run, the technology including how it connects to myBMW app is amazing, it’s so comfortable and fits our medium size dog in the boot as well as shopping no problem in what looks like a small boot. Only problem has been when we’ve needed to take 5 people out we had to take our other vehicle but that’s very uncommon now. Perfect for running back and forth around the city especially when charging on 9c overnight with power company!
    —Justine M - 2017 BMW i3 94ah New Zealand New
  • Oct 2023
    Super comfortable small car, effortless quiet driving a zippy little car.
    —Emma M - 2017 BMW i3 94aH Full Electric
  • Jan 2023
    Fabulous vehicle. A really different ev concept to the normal BM range (not just a battery on a common chassis), stylish and absolute fun to drive. Can highly recommend if you are a city dweller mainly.
    —Jacqueline L - 2017 BMW i3 94ah New Zealand New
  • Jul 2022
    Great fun to drive. Good vision. Nippy up the hill which we wanted.
    —Jeremy S - 2017 BMW i3 94ah New Zealand New
  • Jun 2022
    Love the performance, auto wipers, automatic lights. Turning arc is awesome.
    —Alexander L - 2017 BMW i3 94ah New Zealand New
  • Jan 2022
    We love it. Such a pleasure to drive.
    —James M - 2017 BMW i3 94Ah BEV NZ New
  • Jan 2020
    I am more than happy with the i3.
    —Allen J - 2017 BMW i3 94ah New Zealand New
  • Dec 2018
    It has seating for 4 but the aircon doesn't really reach the rear as efficiently as other vehicles. The rear windows are set and do not lower. These things to not effect me but perhaps may be important if you are transporting young people or pets around. It is still a great little vehicle.
    —Adrian S - 2017 BMW i3 94 ah