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  • Sep 2022
    Hybrid is the way to go if your considering Petrol costs. Am very happy with my purchase.
    —Sandra P - 2017 Toyota Aqua L Low KMS
  • Sep 2022
    Good car for a small family , fuel efficiency.
    —Gigin J - 2017 Toyota Aqua G
  • Sep 2022
    This car is so good on fuel, would recommend to anyone thinking of buying a hybrid
    —Bronwyn F - 2017 Toyota Aqua Facelift Model Hybrid
  • Sep 2022
    I love my new car so much. It is great on fuel and I love the additional safety features of the sensors.
    —PATRICIA M - 2017 Toyota Aqua G-Package Prius C
  • Sep 2022
    Good car
    —JIAN Z - 2017 Toyota AQUA -S / Reverse camera
  • Aug 2022
    The economy with fuel safety rating are excellent Plus with petrol costs reaching the prices they are at the moment I can get about 1000kms per tank, compared to 300/350kms in my old car The back seats have 2 that fold down with one seat still free, or 1 seat folded down and 2 seats in the back for trips I am loving it so much atm
    —Tosher-Anne G - 2017 Toyota Aqua Hybrid Facelift S Spec
  • Aug 2022
    It's a pretty cool car. Little and a smooth ride.
    —Madeline G - 2017 Toyota Aqua
  • Aug 2022
    Great car for the city
    —Jody P - 2017 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Aug 2022
    —Soumya P - 2017 Toyota Aqua Hybrid Facelift S Spec
  • Aug 2022
    Lovely car, fits me like a glove
    —Christine N - 2017 Toyota Aqua
  • Aug 2022
    Economical car
    —Pukar N - 2017 Toyota Aqua S Style Package
  • Aug 2022
    Very economical and good value for a first time car buyer!
    —Seong C - 2017 Toyota Aqua
  • Aug 2022
    Love it - its exactly what we wanted in a small economical run around.
    —Kieran F - 2017 Toyota Aqua Facelift Model Hybrid
  • Aug 2022
    Only had the car a week, but I am enjoying it so far. Very quiet and fuel efficient
    —KAREN H - 2017 Toyota AQUA -S/ Toyota Safety Sense
  • Aug 2022
    It’s really economic and nice car
    —Liyan D - 2017 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid Style Black 'Facelift'
  • Aug 2022
    Great on fuel . More than enough room for my husband and myself. Quiet.
    —Heather W - 2017 Toyota Aqua S-Package Prius C
  • Aug 2022
    Saving me lots of money at the petrol station.
    —Antony F - 2017 Toyota AQUA S MODEL
  • Aug 2022
    it is a great wee car so far. Very impressed with it
    —Southland Help - 2017 Toyota Aqua Hybrid L
  • Aug 2022
    Met all our expectations for fuel economy.
    —Richard S - 2017 Toyota Aqua Facelift Model Hybrid
  • Aug 2022
    Very very fuel efficient
    —Benjamin T - 2017 Toyota Aqua 1.5L Hybird Low Kms
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