• 2018 Suzuki IGNIS

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  • Aug 2023
    It’s small but very spacious and it’s fun to drive.
    —Jorge D - 2018 Suzuki Ignis Hybrid Safety Package
  • Feb 2023
    Great car, very economical and spacious for a small car!
    —Tiana C - 2018 Suzuki IGNIS LTDC 1.2P/CVT
  • Nov 2022
    "more room that you think" - the family were surprised at how roomy the front seats are with the leg room and I can fit 3 teenagers in the back seat with bags in the back. love the cheap running costs
    —Carol C - 2018 Suzuki Ignis GLX
  • Nov 2021
    Great little car.
    —Megan O - 2018 Suzuki Ignis Ltd
  • Oct 2021
    A small efficient car. Economical and reliable
    —Eric B - 2018 Suzuki IGNIS LOW MILEAGE....TIDY CAR
  • Jan 2021
    This car is perfect if you're not after a big SUV. I wanted something in between a sedan & SUV & this car is the perfect size.
    —Sharon H - 2018 Suzuki IGNIS
  • Jan 2020
    I love her!
    —Nicola B - 2018 Suzuki Ignis HV MG
  • Mar 2019
    So far so good! Fuel consumption is very good, driving on sport mode makes it an easy drive to climb on hills, and very responsive for overtaking as well. Interiors and instrumentation is also updated with satnav and lots of media features. If you want a small car with big features the 2018 Ignis ltd auto, gives plenty.
    —Alfred D - 2018 Suzuki Ignis LTD 1.2L auto