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  • Feb 2024
    We love the mid size, and the beautiful blue colour
    —Joel S - 2018 Toyota C-HR 1800cc Hybrid SuperLowKms
  • Feb 2024
    It’s a nice car however it’s not great if you have passengers in the back as very little leg room. Also boot space is smaller than it looks.
    —Abby-Gail M - 2018 Toyota C-HR Hybrid G
  • Feb 2024
    Has a good style and fuel economic.
    —Bernardita G - 2018 Toyota C-hr S
  • Feb 2024
    So far I have found the CHR a dream to drive, fuel economy is great.
    —KERRY S - 2018 Toyota C-HR Hybrid
  • Dec 2023
    Love my C-HR, great to drive, perfect size and although reviews say backseat room is limited there is plenty of leg room for my adult family.
    —Nichola W - 2018 Toyota C-HR HYBRID G
  • Dec 2023
    So smooth to drive, economic good on fuel
    —Debbie T - 2018 Toyota C-HR Hybrid
  • Nov 2023
    It's a good CAR
    —Ericson L - 2018 Toyota C-HR
  • Nov 2023
    Easy to drive and like that we a saving money on petrol
    —Tracey-Marie P - 2018 Toyota C-HR 1800cc Hybrid SuperLowKms
  • Nov 2023
    A stylish, very economical hybrid vehicle from the very reliable Toyota Brand.
    —Debra M - 2018 Toyota C-HR G Hybrid Model
  • Nov 2023
    It is a very comfortable car, that is very easy for me to get in and out of.
    —David C - 2018 Toyota C-HR G Hybrid Model
  • Oct 2023
    We were surprised at just how refined the Toyota C-HR is . YouTube reviews tend not to do it justice , it's a driver's car , the steering and handling balance is up there with some very expensive competitors .
    —Timothy M - 2018 Toyota C-HR
  • Oct 2023
    Very nice looking car ,very economical
    —Sookhraj R - 2018 Toyota C-HR
  • Oct 2023
    Very good car for the price.Nice to drive.Very good fuel economy
    —Neelika W - 2018 Toyota C-HR G
  • Oct 2023
    Height above ground. Fuel ⛽️ economy
    —Jeff E - 2018 Toyota C-HR
  • Sep 2023
    fuel efficient, comfortable in handling the road, the engine power is enough for me.
    —Dexter P - 2018 Toyota C-HR G Bluetooth/Nav
  • Sep 2023
    The Toyota chr is good save the fuel…
    —Doorianos P - 2018 Toyota C-HR
  • Sep 2023
    Nice looking stylish car with good economy
    —Jacoba J - 2018 Toyota C-HR Hybrid G
  • Aug 2023
    The best buy of my life absolutely love it.
    —Krishant S - 2018 Toyota C-HR S LED Edition
  • Aug 2023
    I just drive my C-HR for a week and I think I love it👍
    —Juniaty K - 2018 Toyota C-HR
  • Aug 2023
    Its a great hybrid vehicle. Drives well and looks great.
    —Russell T - 2018 Toyota C-HR HYBRID G-LED
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