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  • Jul 2024
    Have driven this car for a few weeks now and all I can say is positive things about it. Switching from the ZE0 to the ZE1 has been a nice and substantial change. I think it's important to note the 2019 Nissan Leaf Nismo edition you purchase will have less range on the standard model. That would be due to the performance upgrades they allow you to have. One feature I really enjoy is the automatic climate control setting. This allows you to charge your car overnight and when you are ready to leave for work your car is at the temperature you want and your battery will still be at 100%.
    —Stephen T - 2019 Nissan LEAF 40G Nismo
  • Jun 2024
    My new car is like driving a cool blissful cloud and I love it. It has excellent range, comes with all the features I was looking for and is extremely safe and comfortable for both me and my family. It is an absolute dream car for my weekly commute to and from work.
    —Nicholas Y - 2019 Nissan LEAF X 40kWh With Pro Pilot
  • Jun 2024
    Great car , just be aware that using a heater in an EV is going to use a lot of battery.
    —David W - 2019 Nissan LEAF 40kWh ZE1 X
  • May 2024
    So far seems to be a great car and cheap to run compared to a petrol car
    —Graeme O - 2019 Nissan LEAF X V SELECTION
  • May 2024
    Our new car is a pleasure to drive. It’s comfortable, responsive and handles very well on the road. We love everything about it.
    —Martin S - 2019 Nissan Leaf 40G Full English
  • Apr 2024
    My first experience of an electric car, I LOVE it !!! I feel so safe driving my car with all the features this car has, also this car is ultra comfortable on the road
    —Donette Z - 2019 Nissan LEAF X 40kWh with Pro Pilot
  • Mar 2024
    Battery range and power of the vehicle are a incredible step up from previous 2014 leaf. It is spacious, well thought out and an beautiful car to drive.
    —Yanica C - 2019 Nissan LEAF X E+ 62kWh
  • Mar 2024
    We absolutely LOVE it! It suits our needs perfectly! It is such a pleasure to drive! We are retired and all the safety features, ease of driving, recharging at home, and the size of the storage are very useful for us as we age. We are very happy with our new to us vehicle!
    —Margaret P - 2019 Nissan LEAF S 40kWh
  • Jan 2024
    Have upgraded from a 2013 Nissan Leaf. Enjoying the familiar features of the Leaf, with extra range of over 300km.
    —Nicola M - 2019 Nissan Leaf E Plus X (60kwh)
  • Dec 2023
    It’s very comfortable and easy to drive, I will enjoy using the heated seats and steering wheel in the colder weather, and am surprised at the amount of boot space. Cameras are super helpful for reversing.
    —Michele R - 2019 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh Pro Pilot !
  • Dec 2023
    Great boot space and great first EV
    —Rochelle T - 2019 Nissan Leaf 40X 40KW EV
  • Nov 2023
    Was keen on a reasonably late model with mid range specs and not a dark colour. Higher kms than I would have prefered but good battery health and spcs
    —Phil T - 2019 Nissan Leaf 40X 87% SOH
  • Nov 2023
    Great car. Drives very nice. Battery range is very good. And even though it wasn't a selling point for me, everybody comments on how nice it looks.
    —Lieke V - 2019 Nissan Leaf 110KW/EV/FD
  • Nov 2023
    Loving it so far smooth driving experience very comfortable and very stylish
    —Joanne B - 2019 Nissan LEAF X 40kWh With Pro Pilot
  • Nov 2023
    I have been impressed with the range.....can get to Rotorua and back to Taupo on a full charge with 80 Km's left!
    —Andrew R - 2019 Nissan LEAF 40kWh Autech Edition
  • Nov 2023
    The Leaf is an excellent choice for those who dont have an unlimited budget but want to have an electric vehicle. It has been around in Aotearoa long enough to be well tested for our driving conditions. We live in a semi-rural location with bad roads but the Leaf is coping well and the range in the 40kw Leaf works well for us. The ride is comfortable and it has all the functions we need.
    —Michelle F - 2019 Nissan LEAF 40kWh ZE1 X
  • Nov 2023
    Handles really well and feels safe when cornering. Surprisingly powerful even on eco.
    —Lila P - 2019 Nissan Leaf G 40KW 88 SOH
  • Nov 2023
    I was surprised at how well the car performed as I thought it was going to be a lot worse than the Hyundai ionic I have been driving. But it compares very well and this newer model has plenty of range for me. I haven’t even come close to exhausting the battery for my trips around the city this week. Can top it up with solar power for free during the day. Ace.
    —Alex H - 2019 Nissan Leaf 40X 84% SOH
  • Nov 2023
    This is a great car. Nice to drive and lots on nice features. We are really enjoying the the EV experience. We have done some longer trips and the car performed very well.
    —CARPETS & RUGS OF NEW ZEALAND LIMITED T/A CRONZ - 2019 Nissan Leaf E + g 62kw
  • Oct 2023
    Bought as a second car for running around the local area and the Leaf does this perfectly. I've only had it for the weekend, but so far so good. We were drawn by the economy and safety of the new shape Leaf, as well as the upgraded 40kw battery. We've driven a lot of local trips today, including up and down a steep hill numerous times and only used 50% of the battery. Love the spec, and would highly recommend getting a Leaf with Pro Pilot.
    —MARTIN D - 2019 Nissan Leaf **40kwh -39,000KMS -88.48SOH**
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